Venice Biennale

My magical friend, Janet Cooper, recently wrote me about about her visit to this year’s Biennale di Venezia.  I haven’t been for awhile because the last time I went, well, the art seemed so depressing and alienating. Contemporary art is dominated by conceptual art which, for the most part, does not excite me.  However, Janet mentioned artists whose work I do enjoy:

Arthur B do Rosario–years ago I discovered Rosario’s work and wrote about him on my blog. His capes and coats are amazing.

Arturo B do Rosario

installation by Arthur B Rosario via 
arthur bispo do rosario

more Arthur:  In recent years, Arthur Bispo do Rosario has become Brazil’s hottest art export + 

Arthur Bispo do Rosário (1911-1989) + While Bispo`s obsessive needlework unfolds into a fittingly cryptic picture of his entangled mind, many of his ragtag sculptures feature stimulating plastic juxtapositions that could easily be attributed to a trained contemporary artist 

alice channer

Hilma Klint: Hilma Af Klint (1862-1944) was a Swedish artist and mystic. She belonged to a group of artists called “The Five” that all shared a complex philosophical and spiritual understanding of the world.  Klint’s work is amongst the first in abstract art. Before she died she stipulated that her work not be shown for 20 years after her death.  more Hilma af Klint


Janet also mentioned artists Anna ZemánkováMarisa Merz .


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