Frida’s monobrow


another Frida self-portrait

I am doing a bit of research regarding huipiles and thus am taking a good look at Frida who wore them daily.  But today, more than huipiles, what interests me about Frida is the glorification of her monobrow referred to by her husband, Diego, as “raven’s wings”.  Facial hair for Frida wasn’t something repugnant.  To the contrary.

Without a doubt, Frida was making a statement not just about her own image but also a statement about the indigenous women of Mexico.

Above all, the unibrow  is a reference to the third eye, a theme Frida used in many of her self-portraits:  Moses, 1945 by Frida Kahlo + Frida Kahlo, Diego and I, 1949 + Frida Kahlo, Diego On My Mind .

The third eye is the inner eye and directly related to the pineal gland.  Though not visible, it gives visibility via insight.  Awakening the third eye is a pursuit of those seeking enlightment.

Frida’s emphasis on her monobrow was further indication of her need to go beyond the senses and the physical pain she was subjected to. Her self-portraits were not about appearance but about the pursuit of conciousness.  About “Know Thyself“.

Self-Portrait Dedicated to Marte R. Gomez, 1946

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Proof That The Pineal Gland Is Literally A 3rd EyeThe Pineal Gland is regarded as one of the most important parts of your nervous system. It is shrouded in mystery, but as more and more people investigate it they are realising it is essentially a spiritual antenna, the mystical third eye

frida princeton

The Case of the Questionable Frida Kahlo Paintings

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