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Inner vision

We don’t have two eyes, we have three. The Third Eye is hidden within and lets us see things no one else can.  We often call this way of seeing imagination. Seeing is not a passive process.  It requires effort … Continue reading

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Frida’s monobrow

another Frida self-portrait I am doing a bit of research regarding huipiles and thus am taking a good look at Frida who wore them daily.  But today, more than huipiles, what interests me about Frida is the glorification of her monobrow referred … Continue reading

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How to make your own flouride free toothpaste

 Καλό μήνα! Natural cosmetics and home remedies have become very fashionable on internet. I’m a believer (see for example my post on aloe vera) and try many of them. So when recipes for homemade toothpaste started surfacing, I checked them … Continue reading

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“Soft Spot”

There are many outdoor markets here in Rome and, in the past couple of years, there has been an increase in stalls selling second-hand clothing and even second-hand linens. My studio is in the San Lorenzo area and, nearby, there … Continue reading

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