Curse dolls

curse doll

Found in a jar along with an inscribed tablet, this Curse Doll is now at the Louvre.

Voodoo dolls were around even in ancient Greece.  Above is an example of a Curse Doll. Called  by the Greeks, the arms and legs were twisted behind the back, nails pierced them and a name was inscribed on it. The idea was to ask the gods to harm someone.

curse doll with inscriptioon

Curse Doll via Ancient Greek Curses



Similar to Curse Dolls in terms of intention are Curse Tablets


Above is a  Curse Tablet found in London. Inscription reads: “I curse Tretia Maria and her life and mind and memory and liver and lungs mixed up together, and her words, thoughts and memory; thus may she be unable to speak what things are concealed, nor be able.” 

curse tablet

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2 Responses to Curse dolls

  1. Jo Quirk says:

    I have always been tempted by the idea of a voodoo doll but since the brain cannot differentiate between negative and affirmative intention I doubt that it could distinguish who the victim is. I try to only put out good intentions for other people so that if my brain is confused I will still benefit.

  2. Yes, I am afraid of wishing others something bad as it could just boomerang….

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