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My left shoulder is blocked. Maybe I would have continued to ignore it had it not been for the pain. So my doctor sent me to a physiatrist who said heavy duty physical therapy was needed unless I preferred an … Continue reading

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The Aspirin Tree

Not far from our house is Villa Ada, the largest park in Rome second only to Villa Pamphili. Located in the north-eastern part of Rome, it has a surface of 180 hectares/450 acres and is covered with vegetation native to … Continue reading

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Daphne and the Bay Leaf

Sometimes we go for a walk at Villa Ada. I took a clipping from one of the laurel shrubs and stuck it in a pot on our balcony. Now it’s growing and aims for the sky. Laurel, aka bay leaf, … Continue reading

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I was 19 when I was pulled by a current off the Long Island coast. Scared, I tried to stay calm, float parallel to the beach, and, above all, not waste energy struggling to fight the current. “Just keep your … Continue reading

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The knee is the articulation point of the leg responsible for mobility and flexibility. It plays a primary role in the body’s movement. Knees are like shock absorbers and carry the weight. But not just a physical weight. Sometimes emotions … Continue reading

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