Traje Tipico

So beautiful! Just looking at this Mayan traje makes me feel happy!

Aside from the article below, here are a couple of more interesting links:  A Guatemalan woman weaves a textile on a backstrap loom + Maya Kotan collaborates with women in Mexico and Guatemala that create beautiful textiles using the backstrap loom, an ancient Mayan tradition.

Weaving in ChiapasTRAJE EN GUATEMALAChiapas’ diversity

Mayan Threads

Traje Tipico

A Mayan woman, dressed in her traditional, hand-woven traje, looks on from afar as we demonstrate how to use our rocket stove at a SolCom sales campaign in Panajachel.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying WordPress Reblogging a lot lately…it’s great to share other people’s articles!

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