Volver, cats and retablos


Our cat Volver and friends

A Gemini like my son, on June 6, our cat Volver will be 2 years old. A stray, when he was just a tiny little kitten, Volver would come to our veranda every day and, maybe because we fed him, decided to adopt us.  His name, Volver, comes from the song VOLVER VOLVER.– he just had to come back.

Unlike Mr. Wolf, I’d never had a cat before (although I’ve had 2 important dogs in my life: Hero and Nala). That’s why I couldn’t understand Catmania. But now, because of Volver, I can.


“Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe the two cats stopped fighting and became friends once again”

I found the above retablo on a Russian site FULL of cat related retablos: Демоны, Святые и коты.  If you like cats, you will love this.

I know that cats were well respected in Ancient Egypt but thought it was because the cats ate the rats that ate the food. However, it seems their popularity was due to the goddess Bastet cult.  That’s why so many cat amulets were made.


a mummified cat via

Cat cemetaries with mummified cats were abundant in Ancient Egypt.  But  not because they were loved house pets.  Cats were bred specifically  to be buried: these practices seem to have been encouraged by Egyptian rulers for economic reasons. The ‘sacred animal industry’, supplied considerable employment and also provided tax income to the Pharaohs.

foto of Volver by Chiara Pilar

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