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Paper is made from the pulp of fibers the most common being that of wood. In other words, much of the paper we use comes from trees. So while the Amazon forest is burning, I’m making picture frames from waste … Continue reading

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Frida Kahlo and Retablos

Originally posted on FRIDA KAHLO WEARS HUIPILES!:
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, dreaming of a unified and independent Mexico,  sustained the Mexican Revolution and thus all things indigenous. They, like many other artists at the time, were highly influenced by…

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Exvotos Parte II: Una mirada al folklore mexicano

Originally posted on The Unfabulous Mr. Badgerous:
Bueno debido a las confuciones que creo el post anterior, aqui van los detalles: Si el 95% de los exvotos de la entrada anterior son reales(la unica que es digamos a proposito es…

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Leonardo Da Vilchis, pintor de exvotos

>> Hace unos años estuvimos en México presentando la exposición Me gustas mucho tú y de paso por el DF tuvimos la suerte de conocer a Giovanni Tronconi, artista y editor experto en la cultural visual mexicana (no por casualidad es…

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Volver, cats and retablos

Our cat Volver and friends A Gemini like my son, on June 6, our cat Volver will be 2 years old. A stray, when he was just a tiny little kitten, Volver would come to our veranda every day and, maybe because … Continue reading

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