THE REBOZO – Mexican’s most important wardrobe piece

women wearing rebozos

Women wearing rebozos

(see also babies being carried using rebozos HERE)

The making of a rebozo:

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My last inspiring journey earlier this year brought me to fantastic Mexico (see previous posts), where I came across the country’s most important piece in every woman’s wardrobe and an unique and essential piece for their look: THE REBOZO. It is an attractive, various and elegant cloth and can be carried to protect oneself from the sun, the cold, for mourning and carrying goods and even childern.

As this beautiful piece of history and indigenous roots stands for high quality Mexican handcrafting and ancient waving techniques decided it to be the next focus of her new collection, the REBOZO BAGS.

See here the age-old traditional process of making a rebozo:

STEP 1: Devanando el Hílo – the thread is placed on a reel in order to start the threading process

STEP 2: Urdido de Tela: This step defines the length and width of the fabric

STEP 3: El pepenado: The threads are…

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