Mandy Pattullo at the Festival of Quilts

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I posted earlier in the week about the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.  I had walked all the way round several times, I thought, but almost at the end of my visit I came to a white cube gallery that I had missed, Mandy Patullo.  Before getting onto her work, I thought it would be worth explaining what a white cube gallery is, as one of my blogging friends asked me after the NEC post.  The white cubes are my descriptions of temporary structures, painted white and with decent lighting, which are dedicated to invited artists.  Sometimes it’s a group or it can be a well-known or particularly interesting lesser-known textile artist.  They vary in size, but the standard in them is particularly high, and they are generally invited people.  They look like trendy white cube art galleries which is where I got the term from.  It is very…

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