Herbs: Beyond Spice

We are back on Paros and that means getting the container plants animated again. Looking for suggestions, I came across this post about herbs from The Plant Farm:

The Plant Farm

herbsWe all know that herbs, especially fresh herbs picked right out of your garden or from your window box, can transform a simple meal into a flavorful feast. But herbs are so much more than deliciousness. They’re an essential part of the ancient and wondrous healing arts as well as a fragrant and decorative addition to your home.

Mint Mint

Want a delightfully refreshing greeting when you come home from work? Plant mint in your walkway. This plant actually loves to be stepped on and every step you take will make your nose happy. Mint is an excellent remedy after a hard day of the stress you’ve been building up at the office. A few drops of essential mint oil on a cotton ball can help relieve migraines, improve your mood and all while making the room smell wonderful.

Basil Basil

One of my favorite herbs is basil. I love cooking with…

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2 Responses to Herbs: Beyond Spice

  1. Pat Jimenez says:

    great article…full of great ideas and information!

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