Preparing for departure

Kalo Mina!

Our Parian stay has come to its yearly end.  Balcony curtains, throws for the terrace sofas, hanging baskets have all been removed.  Last minute repairs, plant pruning and superficial cleanup are almost done. Our summer home is heading towards hybernation.

Transitions are difficult for me.  They make me feel like I’m in apnea and I hold by breath while living in between Here & There.

spring, paros

Spring 2014

fall, Paros

Fall 2014

On my Wish List of “Things I Would Like to Learn” is, in the top 10,  that of learning how to affront transitions with elegance and style and, above all, tranquility.  Which means learning to be more flexible from within.  And detached.

Will I ever learn?

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4 Responses to Preparing for departure

  1. Esther Angelou says:

    Yes, Cynthia you have done so already. Leaving Paros is sweet sorrow and, as you have done in the past, you have left the island with grace and you return with renewed love and energy.

  2. jo says:

    It is good to have attachment like a fine spider silk that you can travel in your dreams. I have enjoyed your walking trips and thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit and feel a fine spider silk of attachment to Paros as well. There are other seasonal pleasures ahead and next summer will be all the sweeter for the anticipation. Go well.

  3. Kalimera Jo! Many thanks for such a soothing comment. Maybe one day you will come to Paros and we will take a walk together. Hope you are enjoying your season, too.

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