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Gaudy Gods

In the Archeological Museum of Paros, there is a statue of Artemis from her sanctuary at the Parian Delion. It’s dated 360 BC and was discovered in 1899. And, like most all of the Greek statues I’ve seen, it’s white. … Continue reading

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Apricots and Amaretto

Apricot season has begun and my neighbor’s tree is full of fruit. We save the seeds so we can crack them open for the kernels that we then crush and add to sugar cookie dough. The famous Italian amaretto liquer … Continue reading

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Critique Sheet #3

Identification of the Moment: Parian Coast, looking west, May 2017 Description: a digital foto taken of the horizon line as seen from the offing of Parikia. Analysis: there are clouds and waves but the foto is dominated by the horizon … Continue reading

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Antiparos, Cyclades

The sky follows me where I go. . .

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A Walk by the Sea, Paros

In my suitcase, I’d also packed many good intentions. Somehow, my luggage was lost once I saw the sea. It will be a struggle to free myself from this distraction. Should I resist? . .  

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making huipiles on Paros

  Huipiles made on Paros:     . .

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Mick the Martian

This morning I woke up determined to be faithful to my general  fitness program which includes raising my  vibratory level.  So, like an amateur Dervish dancer, I did the twirling around as describe in the  Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation … Continue reading

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