Decluttering Decluttering Decluttering

Decluttering blitz at my studio still going on.

Los Ojos decluttering

Eleven years ago, when I started ART FOR HOUSEWIVES, I had a kind of missionary spirit thinking I had to save a.k.a. recycle every piece of trash that came my way and especially into my house. Above is a little relief sculpture, unfinished of course, made from a shoe box, 2 different kinds of yogurt cartons, sanitary rolls and junk mail.  It is quite sweet but, after collecting dust for several years, it’s leaving my studio forever.

Los Ojos decluttering

And another unfinished project.  This was meant to be a flowering cactus primarily making use of plastic water bottles.  The layers of dust it’s collected tells me it, too, will be permanently leaving my studio.

Los Ojos decluttering

And another cactus variation also unfinished.  Pity.

Los Ojos decluttering

You know those little honey syrup bottles that look like little bears?  I decided to cover one with paper so that I could then paint and add it to my papier mache animal collection.  Au revoir my little friend!

Los Ojos decluttering

 When I taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and spent so much time on the train commuting, to make up for lost studio time, I began making drawings that could travel with me using a mouse and portable computer.  The only problem I found with computer drawings, aesthetically speaking,  was giving them the right context.  Commercially printed computer drawings look pretty banale, in my opinion.  So I experimented with making plastic bottle compositions to sustain the drawings.

Luckily, however, many projects of a similar nature were finished and used as props for the Magnolia TV program VIKY TV (oriented towards recycling for young adults).

Viky TV, cynthia korzekwa

one of my “Clutter Gardens” used for Viky TV   via

Viky TV, cynthia korzekwa

 the background Bunny in A Box as well as the paintbrush holder below are both mine

article about unfinished art Unfinished Art: Obi-Wan Kenobi Digital Circlism

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3 Responses to Decluttering Decluttering Decluttering

  1. lyn shakespeare says:

    I am trying to declutter my wardrobe in Oz so that I can fit in my beautiful new dresses made by you. lol xxx

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