Happiness is motion

Los Ojos, Rome, Cynthia Korzekwa

dancing made her happy

Today I’m alone and want to take advantage of the silence to organize my thoughts and to create a strategy for actualizing my New Year’s Resolutions.

One resolution is that of finishing my graphic essay on transformation. Like a children’s coloring book, I have the contours but now I have to finish coloring inside the lines.

For the past year, I’ve done quite a bit of research for this project which led to reading Gretchen Rubin’s bestseller, “The Happiness Project”. One of Rubin’s goals in writing the book was to learn how to readily access to happiness when affronting adversity. More than something magical, often happiness is just a result of exercising the right kinds of habits. Although I agree with this concept, the book wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Nevertheless, her “January” chapter lays out the standard blueprint towards any self-imposed transformation. You have to have energy. And to have energy, you need exercise, diet and enough sleep. Plus dancing daily helps, too!


photo by Chiara Pilar

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