Living like a pincushion

pincushion at Los Ojos Studio

Pincushion at my studio

Years ago, on a visit to my mom, I was full of back pain (probably a result of the crammed seating on the plane). My mom insisted that I go to Dr. Dung, her acupuncturist of many years. Unfortunately, I have a terrible fear of needles and past out during the treatment. But I woke up feeling great. Now I’m a believer and often rely on acupuncture when physically in need .

Recently I read about Tong Ren energy therapy that uses dolls mapping acupuncture meridians. Meridians on a doll are manipulated instead of those of a person. It made me think of voodoo dolls. So, in terms of tong ren, what is the difference between acupuncture and voodoo? Intention.

Intention is powerful. Many self-help gurus have made much money writing about intention as an energy field that can change your life. Most of these gurus are a bit too New Age and gimmicky for my tastes. However, they are good at making the obvious seem magical. And that’s what’s incredible—we are so distracted and bombarded by insignificant choices that we are oblivious to the obvious.

Intention helps us focus on where we want to go. It is a compass that keeps us on the path. It’s a needle provoking the actualization of a desire.

On the 2015 Resolutions List: live with intention!

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photo by Chiara Pilar

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6 Responses to Living like a pincushion

  1. I LOVE this post, dear Cynthia! Yes, yes- and I am just mapping out some creative retreats for Guardia, with this idea of making dolls as a means of understanding who we are, and who we want to be- YUM! Hope to see you in Roma soon! xx Clare

  2. coloremartine says:

    I love this post too Cynthia……intention….well, i need a rest right now. Do you think it works if i put my doll to bed?

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