Joie de faire

Los Ojos Studio, Rome

pot and poster, studio los ojos

Like a bowerbird*, I use junk to decorate my home. But junk that’s been joyfully transformed with some abracadabras.

The hands are like magic wands that can transform ugly ducklings into swans.

Making things makes me happy. Because it makes my world bigger.

Since man began walking upright, he’s been making things. It’s a natural impulse. Because hands permit you to manipulate the world around you. And to give form to the imagination.

So why not make something?

  • *Bowerbirds…to attract a mate, the male bowerbird builds a nest then searches for brightly covered object to use as decoration

  • related links: World’s Weirdest: Bowerbird Woos Female with Ring + These Birds Seduce Females Using Interior Decoration.

photo by Chiara Pilar

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