Wishing for a scent necklace

While reading a book about the senses, I came across the term “cassoleto” in reference to a kind of pendant filled with camphor and aromatic herbs. In France of the past, such a pendant was given to young women of marital age as a form of protection. Unfortunately, I was unable to find more information on internet.

The idea of an aromatherapy necklace has interested me for quite some time. I would like to make one with different herbs and spices that, when needed, I could hold up to my nose. For example, sniffing rosemary helps boost the memory whereas lemon oil uplifts and relaxes. Lemongrass helps circulation, lavender fights insomnia and cinnamon animates the brain.

Even Marie Antoinette understood the benefits of smell. On her walk to the guillotine, she carried 3 vials of Houbigant perfume to give herself some courage.

I would like to make a necklace using sterling tea balls filled with herbs instead of tea. Unfortunately, I can’t afford them so will have to content myself with mesh instead!

tea ball

Repousse Sterling Tea Ball


Antique sterling silver tea ball infuser

tea ball

Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

tea ball

Teapot-Shaped Tea Ball

tea ball

Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

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3 Responses to Wishing for a scent necklace

  1. faunhaert says:

    some one wrote citrus helps with energy,
    next morning i cut up oranges for breakfast
    and found my self cleaning a couple of hours later.
    it worked?!

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