Why me?

Why me?

No one believes me. So I’ve decided to say no more and to keep this feeling of strangeness for myself.

Obviously, it’s my fault.  I’ve been working on raising my vibration level and apparently got it too high.  How could they not feel my frequencies thus single me out for abduction?

Telepathically they are very verbal and told me I needed to lose a few kilos.  Seems they had difficulties beaming me up.  Luckily, they didn’t want to have sex with me as I’m too old for their Breeding Program.  Afraid they’d weakened my self-esteem with such tacky comments, they complimented me for respecting the environment. So what do you want? I asked them. We want to make the world a better place, they responded, and, for this reason, may be forced to take control of planet Earth as humans show it no respect.

Once home I decided that it hadn’t been that bad of an experience (although I wouldn’t want to go thru it again!) but it did leave me extremely thirsty  because weightlessness when beyond gravity apparently decreases electrolytes causing dehydration. So now it’s time for some fluids…but will it be water or wine?

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6 Responses to Why me?

  1. coloremartine says:

    Wine ofcourse……….

  2. Maybe one day we can have a glass of wine together while waiting to be abducted!

    • faunhaert says:

      the husband was on his way home on leave, he was hitch hiking across the desert, a ship came and beamed him up, he woke up sitting on his duffel bag in the middle of nowhere . he doesn’t remember much more than that but he won’t go on ferris wheels because it feels like he’s being lifted up again.
      he thinks they lost interest in him after his vasectomy .
      his brother was looking into the cattle mutilations, the men in black showed up and scared him so bad he moved from minnesota in the middle of the night.

      yours is the first one i’ve heard of for a long time.
      you ok?

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