Mind invasion

mind scanners

After my abduction, I did some research hoping to understand why I’d been chosen.  And here is the conclusion I’ve come to:  when they abducted me, I’d been singing “Zippity Do Dah” and thus feeling very happy. And this happiness made me feel fearless which my abductors mistook for a form of passivity.

When you are without fear, you don’t feel the need for protection.  When you are passive, you don’t bother with protection as you are already prepared to be sacrificed.

Abductors are looking for people who offer no resistance.

The other day while waiting in line at the grocery store, I noticed this man who kept staring. Since, except for my cat, there is nothing unusual about me, I wondered about his fixation. Then, BOOM, it hit me.  I was being mindscanned!

Aliens will stare at you because they are trying to connect to your optic nerve. Once the connection is made,  they can then easily invade your brain’s neural pathways and go wherever they want to.

So the next time someone stares at you, look away!

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