Shadow people


 After the aliens told me there would be no more abductions and I was starting to relax again, a new problem surfaced—the Shadow People. Sneaky,  they like playing with your perception and hang out in the corner of your eye so you are always unsure of their presence.

There’s much speculation as to who the Shadow People really are.  Some believe that these spooky Chiaroscuro Creatures are simply leftovers from dreams.  Others theorize that they are the product of an erratic electromagnetic field that interferes with electrical impulses going to the brain.  And still others believe Shadow People are just harmless voyeurs from another dimension or the materialization of negative energy.

But whoever they are, I’ve found the solution–the best way to get rid of a shadow is to turn on the light!

why not make friends with your shadow

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5 Responses to Shadow people

  1. Suzy says:

    I will tell you about my shadow person. She arrives when I stand between the light (my truth) and my daily life. She is shaped like me, but not me. I must get out of the way to truly see.

  2. Turning to see the shadow is a turning towards pain and that is why so few choose to turn. But it is just pain, I can take the worst of it if it means that I can consciously integrate. I know that the healing helps me be a better artist because I free up energy for my natural state. Now, I dance when I paint. Oneness is the other side of the shadow.

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