Easter Island bunnies

they planted heads

The Rapa Nui people carved monolithic figures from rock and erected them all over Easter Island.  These statues are known as moai.  Although the purpose of the statues is still a mystery, some archaeologists suggest they were created believing the statues to possess mana, a magical spiritual essence.  All of the statues, despite their nearness to the sea, look inland.

When the Dutch Admiral Roggeveen arrived on the island Easter of 1722, there were two clans.  One clan with long ears whereas the other with small ears.  It seems the two clans hated each another.  And, according to some scholars, it was this hatred that destroyed the island.

To transport the statues, tree trunks were used so that the statues could be rolled into place.  The clans were very competitive each clan trying to make more statues than the other which meant cutting down more trees.  This competition continued until the island was treeless.  Obviously, the island’s ecosystem suffered.

The civilization of Easter Island totally uncivilized itself and, not satisfied with destroying the trees, began destroying the moai as well. Hatred was more important than environment and culture.

Bunny Moai statues

Despite the so called progress man has made since the time of the Rapa Nui, ecocide is more of a problem than ever. Pity because ecocide is not just a crime against humanity.  It is a crime against the self .  Since we all depend upon the environment for our survival, if you destroy the environment, you destroy yourself as well.

 There is no hatred more devastating than the hatred of your own being.

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