Feeling drained?


No doubt you know at least one person, although seemingly nice and normal,  whose very presence is tiring.  This person is an Energy Vampire!  Like giant sponges, they soak up all your vitality and leave you feeling like a piece of wet toast.

To protect yourself from an Energy Vampire, first you must be able to recognize one. The most common type always has something to criticize or complain about.  To avoid getting zapped by them, avoid eye contact, speak softly and change the subject when they start whining.  It also helps to cross your arms and to physically distance yourself from them.

avoid energy vampires


Not too long ago, I posted about making a scent necklace. Why not make one with vampires in mind. Garlic helps, of course, but rosemary and sage are also effective as well as frankincense and myrrh.

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4 Responses to Feeling drained?

  1. vivjm says:

    Ha! I know a few of these :-). Good tips!

  2. annjrippin says:

    I certainly know some as well. They have a real radar for other people’s energy.

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