Blue Ball Point Pen Art

Ballpoint Pen Art…my favorite medium as can be seen from my website!

Interesting article below by a ballpoint pen artist:

Aletha Kuschan's Weblog

Fellow blogger friend Bénédicte of Carnet de Dessins has been inspired by my recent postings to begin drawing with the famous blue ball point pen!  She’s posted two drawings she made using the fabulous pen.

Perhaps I can persuade others to try drawing with a blue ball point pen, and I would recommend doing a test drawing something like the one above as a way of getting started — just to get the feel of the tool.  [FYI:  Shhh, we call it a “test” drawing so that other people who are wondering what we’re doing can get a satisfactory answer:  “Oh, I’m just testing out this new pen.”  While actually we’re really having a lot of fun.  However “mum’s the word.”]

I drew the fake rocks above using a Bic Cristal ball point pen, one of the world’s cheapest pens.  The “fake rocks” are kind of an ordinary, average sort of manufactured product too — rather…

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