Outsiders As Insiders

Once again, I want to thank my friend, Janet Cooper, for sending me such a wonderful link: A Strange and Wonderful View of Outsider Art !

giuseppe versinocoat by Giuseppe Versino (1882 – 1963), an Italian asylum inmate who made clothing from braided rags.

So, before looking at Version’s coat and saying “Yuck, I’d never wear that!”, take a look below at a couple of Comme des Garcons creations:

comme de garcon knit dress

Comme des Garcons

comme de garcon

Comme des Garcons

Now back to  OUTSIDER ARTISTS…Why do you think that people who never considered themselves artists felt a compulsion to create? Because, more than “I think therefore I am” it’s “I create therefore I am“.

Hans Krüsi

 Hans Krüsi

related links:  When The Curtain Never Comes Down. American Folk Art Museum + KRÜSI, HANSPère Léonide + MELINA RICCIO 1951- | ITALY

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