Martian missionaries

Martian Missionaries

I was busy in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.  Two door-to-door Martian proselytizers were there waiting to convert me.  Easily amused by those who think they can change my mind, I decided to hear them  out.

Mars use to be a great place to live until it was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. Fortunately, a number of Martians  were able to avoid the disaster as they were out in spaceships patrolling the galaxy. However, no longer having a home to return to, these survivors were forced to create secret colonies on other planets (mainly Earth).  And because of so much hatred and racism, they were forced to live in disguise.  The Pope’s speech last year manifesting his willingness to baptize Martians gave them the courage to come out of the closet.

Knowing that on Earth there are those who have a reckless attitude in terms of nuclear energy, the Martians hope to encourage mankind to seek atonement and repentance for the damage he’s done to the universe and, obviously, to refrain from doing more.

Well, there was no need of trying to convince me of anything as I was already in total agreement.  But just to make them feel good and motivate them to continue their mission, I told them that as a result of their excellent argumentation, they’d persuaded me to be anti-nuke. Happy, they left and I then went back into the kitchen in hopes of resuscitating my fallen soufflé.

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