Men in Black

Some time back  I wrote about my abduction.  Well, it’s one thing to be abducted but it’s something else to blog about it.  That’s where I made my mistake. Not every personal experience should be made public unless you are willing to accept the consequences.

Yesterday I was leaving the house to go buy groceries when they arrived—the Men in Black. Because if you make contact with an extraterrestrial or see an UFO, Men in Black show up to scare you into silence.

Men in Black

Dressed in black, they have swarthy complexions, wear sunglasses and arrive in vintage black cars. Men in Black are naturally bald and their mouths are painted on with lipstick.

Even though they have a tendency to giggle awkwardly, their voice is very robotic. They speak in dense and demanding sentences because they want to intimidate you. In other words, the Men in Black are bullies.

To minimize their power of intimidation, I followed these suggestions found in an ancient book of knowledge:  Don’t let them establish a  rhythm–interrupt them frequently so they will lose their train of thought. Then pause and say nothing.  Mimic their gestures but, to avoid mind invasion, never look Men in Black in the eye. And, if all else fails, turn on the music and dance!





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