Foiled By The Foil

Tin Foil Hats

Like flies gravitating towards honey, the aliens are always trying to get near me and I’m afraid of being abducted again. To protect us from their mind invasion attempts, I’ve made several tin foil hats.

They want to read my thoughts so they can steal my ideas.  Technologically they are very advanced but their creativity stops there.  Have you seen the way they dress?  Yuck!  Maybe they want to steal my Muy Marcottage designs.

When our neurons communicate with each other, they create brainwaves.  Different brainwaves create different frequencies and different frequencies have different effects on us.  These frequencies can be used for mind control.

A tin foil hat helps shield the brain from invasive electromagnetic fields.  Like a Faraday Cage, the hats help block frequencies used for telepathy and thought manipulation.

Telepathy was once used a lot by Earthlings for communication.  But then demographic explosions and the written word changed everything. We became so bound to matter that we lost our capacity to communicate via thought vibrations.  But since the aliens still communicate via telepathy and not words, looks like I’ll be wearing my tin foil hat for awhile.  Who knows, maybe I can set a trend and make wearing  them fashionable!





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