Tulpa Party

Lonely?  So why not create a tulpa?

A tulpa is a person of your own creation who lives in your head. It’s very easy to give birth to a tulpa…all you have to do is to imagine someone living in your head and then to treat that someone as an actual person.  You can interact with your tulpa by giving it a form and visualizing it.

Your tulpa will easily fit into reality as you perceive it.  They can become your best friend and even play games with you…you will now always have someone to play cards with, no more solitary.

If you ever get tired of being you, just let your tulpa take possession of your body.

But best be careful before letting your tulpa interact with others and be very very careful about letting your tulpa create a friendship with someone else’s tulpa.

There’s a  growing number of Tulpamancers…a group of young people who have tulpas and meet online.

Philemon, Jung's Tulpa

Carlo Jung may not have believed in flying saucers but he did believe in tulpas.  He had one named Philemon with whom he would often take walks in the garden and, since Jung believed Philemon’s insight to be superior to his own, Jung would often ask Philemon for advice.



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4 Responses to Tulpas

  1. faunhaert says:

    in one of the “http://www.terrypratchettbooks.com” novels
    witches have
    <first thoughts- the automatic ones_ most people see just the surface
    2nd thoughts- what you think after looking then looking again,
    and in some cases(people), tiffany
    3rd thoughts from the self that watches and steps up
    when things go wonky- in the Tiffany Aching books

    in the book Wyrd sisters, or is it "witches a broad"?
    there's a young girl Magrat?i think who's quite large
    and inside her is another named Pergiture(sp)
    they seem to start as enemies but
    actually work very good as a team
    when they need to survive in the book "Carpe de Jugulum"

    I love the books terry created it is a created world
    but many of the concepts he works thru are real in this one.

    I do have a friend that created a tulpa he created
    but it was a 13 year old girl in a cranky old(60?) grizzly mans body
    gradually he had her try living _out loud
    and it became a time share- each having the body for a day-
    she wearing women's clothes etc..
    he actually got his health better and lost weigh and got his knees repaired
    and she has his body full time-
    don't know if he's gone thru the work of physically transitioning thru surgery
    and if he comes back at all?

    he had wanted to just delete the primary self after about a year
    but it wasn't fair to leave a little girl in the state the body was in.
    so he hung around for a while…

  2. faunhaert says:

    sorry its Agness Nit & Pergator are in Carpe Deum
    She’s the little voice riding around on your shoulder…
    .. one feels one thing and the other different thing
    but they are both right ..

    magrat has retired to be queen
    the views of a fool are some thing else..

    I’ve copies as audio books its not as easy to look into a audio book
    as scanning hard copy .. takes more time

    I tried creating a aethric*spirit cat when I could not have one
    he got bigger over time but never spent any time in my head.
    he did jump on beds in the night visiting visitors,
    and knock people over usually in doorways when they
    stood in the middle.

    I had a miscarriage years ago and I mourned that child
    I’d thought maybe in the next life we’d catch up?
    but a few years later I had a dream I remembered – in a parallel time?
    the baby had grown and become a woman
    i got to see her as she grew over time in dreams.
    she’d got to college and had married and had children of her own
    it felt good to know my baby had continued
    even if it wasn’t in this time line.

    before the church took over
    and started telling people they could not talk with their dead
    they’d keep em around When something wen wrong you could consult the wisdom of the elders even if their bodies weren’t around anymore.
    -in south american they actually had them
    stay around in the house and they feed them
    and continue physically taking care of them

    the books by angie sage
    has the ghosts as parts of life – even after death

  3. Many many thanks for taking the time out to share all this information! I’ve never read Terry Prachett or Angie Sage but will look into them now. After writing this post, a number of people told me about having had tulpa like relationships.
    Especially interesting is the First, Second, Third thoughts….sounds so logical.
    A miscarriage is such a psychic scaring event. So nice that you could develop a relationship with your daughter even if just in a dream world.
    You have given me much to reflect upon–thanks again!
    a presto!

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