Utsuro Bune

Utsuro Bune

In 1803 a strange “hollow ship” (utsuro-bune) arrived on the eastern coast of Japan.  A beautiful but bizarre woman emerged from the vessel.  She was only about 5 ft tall and had red hair and red eyebrows. Regally dressed, she spoke a language no one understood and carried a small box she clutched close to her body.

Her strangeness frightened the fishermen who’d watched her arrive.  So they forced her back onto the vessel and sent her back to sea.

Some ufologists believe it had been an extraterrestrial encounter.  Whereas other scholars believe the story is just a myth.

Fact or fiction, one thing’s for sure–foreigners arriving via the sea even today are not welcomed.

Fear has made us heartless.



p.s.   Mystery ghost fleet washes up in Japan: Eleven ships containing 20 dead sailors are discovered off the coast… and nobody can explain why


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