Gaze detection

It’s difficult to be afraid of someone who has their eyes closed. Just like the opposite is true– we lose our spontaneity when we feel we’re being watched.

Are You Being Watched?

Scopaesthesia, the feeling of being watched, is considered by some to be a psychic phenomenon. Others, instead, consider it to be a form of paranoia.

Direct eye contact is the most powerful form of communication there is. And, if you don’t believe it, try some eye gazing.  You can experiment with someone else or, if you’re alone, try looking at yourself in the mirror for at least 5 – 10 minutes. Be prepared for a surprise when you see what your eyes have to say to you.

Eye contact is directly related to our emotions and direct gazes demand more attention than does an averted gaze.  So, the next time you disagree with someone, instead of raising your voice, why not try dueling with gazes?

Bibliography:  Rupert Sheldrake. The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Unexplained Powers of Human Minds. Park Street Press; 2013



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