Tesla and the Vedas

Tesla and the Vedas

Nikola Tesla’s ideas and inventions were so revolutionary that there are those who suspect his ideas came from extraterrestrials.

Tesla was born in the Balkans during a night bombarded by thunder. His brother tragically died when he was seven. The shock was so great that soon afterwards, Tesla began having visions many of which were related to electricity.  Later, Tesla would claim that many of his scientific solutions came to him in the form of shamanic dreams full of flashing lights like that of thunder.

The Vedic teachings of Swami Vivekanda (who he’d met at one of Sarah Bernhardt’s parties ) also greatly influenced Tesla.  The Vedas are full of references to Divine Vibration. Thus, said Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”   So why not raise your vibration?

Dance MadeThem Vibrate

Music provides the easiest way to raise one’s vibration and this includes singing and dancing.  Laughter also helps. As does gratitude, healthy food, exercise, and meditation.

she watched the children play

Nature can elevate our vibration, too. Everything vibrates and different vibrations can affect our behavior.  That’s why, if you hug a tree, the tree’s vibration pattern will affect yours in a positive way.

Oh that I could be a tree so that when my children hug me I could give them a frequency worth resonating with especially now in these difficult times!



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