4 Days in Paris

“If your vision of the world is of a certain kind, you will put poetry in everything necessarily.”    Georges Simenon


I thought  my trip to France, the birthplace of photography, had provided me with the perfect setting for the debut of A Photogenic Lifestyle and wrote posts related to my Parisian excursions.  But a day after my return home, Paris was attacked by terrorists, and, obviously, there was nothing photogenic about that save for manifestations of solidarity such as that of taxi drivers who gave free rides home to those on the streets, people who opened their doors to offer shelter to stranded strangers, and men & women who stood in long lines to donate blood to the victims.

So I postponed writing about Paris. Until now.

sous le ciel de paris

Mood influences the way we perceive experience.  So, the better the mood, the better the experience.  That’s why I began my trip with a Live Mood Board: French songs uploaded on my iPod, a few memorized phrases (including Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français) and  a romantic dinner of camembert cheese and French wine.

In The Mood For Paris

Having a Low Cost flight, packing light was fundamental. Checked luggage is now an expense and there are major limitations regarding carry-on bags  A fisherman vest would be practical in these situations as would a coat with beaucoup pockets so you can stash stuff that won’t fit into your trolley.

Pocket Packing

Towards A Photogenic Lifestyle Observation: Eliminating extras is a good idea not just for travelling but for daily life as well.  Decluttering can make daily life more photogenic.   The more you have, the more you have to organize.   And organization takes time and energy. Things take up space and space is necessary for energy to flow. So the less time and space I have to dedicate to things, the more I can dedicate to myself.



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6 Responses to 4 Days in Paris

  1. coloremartine says:

    Wishing you a wonderful, creative new year Cynthia.
    The more you have, the more you have to organize……………
    I’m going to remember that Cynthia because its so true. Maybe i can manage this in the new year?

    • Many Wonderful Wishes for you, too, Martine!

      Yes, I’d like to Lighten Up and magically get rid of things that are suffocating my space…but it takes a certain kind of discipline that I don’t seem to have….let me know if you manage…

  2. Rosa says:

    You inspire me to write about my four days in New York! Lot to be said for a decluttered Zen approach to our space and an old sage I know (yes we actually have a few) has been telling me for years ‘women should have pockets!’

    • I would be interested in reading about your New York experience! There’s always something new to discover there.
      Yes, the Zen approach sounds so good but getting there may be a problem for me. Getting rid of past accumulations can be traumatic!

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