A True Story

une histoire vraie

Once upon a time, I was, without knowing it, a magician. All it took for me to actualize a desire was simply to will it.  But, at a certain point, my powers started to dissipate until, zap, they just totally faded away. For a long time, I felt enfeebled and longed to be a protagonist once again. To get my mojo back, I tried affirmations, powerballs, meditation, mantras, mudras, visualizations, and breathing techniques.

Sometimes, in trying to overcome an obstacle, shear recognition of its presence gives the obstacle permission to exist. Like Quantum Voodoo. But denial is dangerous, too. Drowning in a desire to change, I grasped at what was closest to me–me. For a week I kept a diary based on factual events.  The second week I dumped reality and rewrote all the entries according to personal fantasies.  And now my life is everything that I want it to be.

This is a true story.

[FOTO:  Stéphane Thidet “Une histoire vraie” néon, structure en aluminium, Musée Delacroix, Paris]

And special thanks to the Petite Mademoiselle for her assistance in Paris.




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