Viola Davis

Viola Davis

Viola Davis’ 2017 Oscar acceptance speech for best supporting actress in Fences was magical. She said, in essence, that graveyards are full of people with the greatest potential and stories to tell. Those stories—“the stories of the people who dreamed big and never saw those dreams to fruition, people who fell in love and lost” need to be exhumed. Luckily, the playwright August Wilson exhumed one of these stories for Fences.

Regrettably, we often use wealth and fame as a means of evaluating one’s life. Yet our world abounds in every day heroes whose courage and merit is never recognized and whose struggle to interact with a world that’s not always gentle is poetry in motion.

Keeping a diary transforms us into protagonists as we narrate the story of our life  instead of burying it alive. Our diaries are scripts yet to be filmed.

{ Why keep a diary…..from THE DIARY OF LUZ CORAZZINI}


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2 Responses to Viola Davis

  1. Yes! Those are the stories I long to hear. Beautiful speech.

  2. Yes, we need more of them to uplift our spirit especially in this world so overwhelmingly full of indifference towards one another!

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