Daily Aesthetics

My friend Anthy is an expert at making life photogenic. She can turn even a simple act such as serving water into a photo shoot. Anthy’s Daily Aesthetics transforms the world around her into a magical place.

Anthy's Glasses

Anthy’s Refreshment Glasses

Below are some thoughts as to why  daily aesthetics are so important:

We are part of our environment whether or not we want to be. When you react to your environment with your own aesthetic code, you change your rapport with the environment. You, in some way, possess the place where you are just by being there. Because by being there, you, too, are part of the environment. So, if the world around us becomes a part of us, why not turn it into art?

Creating personal daily aesthetics implies creating a rapport with our environment. Art should be integrated into daily experience because it enhances life. Art is a form of consciousness and consciousness transforms us.

Anthy-s Potted Plant

Anthy’s Potted Bouquet

The use of the imagination in everyday life is fundamental. Imagination is a form of insight. It helps us interact with our environment.

Aesthetics are ideals that help guide us.

Aesthetics don’t come from what’s in front of us but from what’s inside of us.

Art helps us integrate with our environment. Art is the fusion of the inside and out.

Reacting to our environment helps maintain the flow of consciousness.

Attitude determines our aesthetics.

Anthy's Table Decor

Anthy’s Centerpiece

If we change our canons of beauty, we change our rapport with our environment. Our destiny is, in part, determined by how we interact with our environment. If the gap between ourselves and our environment is too wide, psychologically or physically we die. Vital adaption comes thru expansion.

Our thoughts keep us company. That’s why we must cultivate them.

Stasis does not lead to experience. And it is experience that shapes our sense of aesthetics.

Jean Renoir said that ‘true art is in the doing of it’.


Originally published HERE (Cynthia Korzekwa  © 2003)

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