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The Bench

Sometimes all it takes to be happy is to sit on a bench in front of the sea with the person you love.

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From the Inside Looking Out

This is the view I have every morning when I drink my coffee. It makes me glow inside and gives the day a good start. It’s a view with so many stories. There’s the little table where we have lunch … Continue reading

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Yucca Blossom

The afternoon sunk forcing me to float alone. Sometimes I hear myself when I talk. Sometimes I chose not to listen. I didn’t know that yucca blossoms were edible. But would it have made any difference as I lack the … Continue reading

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Parikia Bay, Autumn

Autumn is changing the landscape’s colors and soon we will be leaving. And for this I feel slightly melancholic. But the beauty is there just waiting to feed my eyes. And my heart. In a world that has become so … Continue reading

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The Sacredness of Everyday Life

Every morning I sit on our terrace and just look at the plants and the bees and the butterflies that visit them. Save for the purrs of Volver, our cat, there is silence. The crisp air on my skin feels … Continue reading

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