Living in a world of voyeurs

Are you looking at your TV or is your TV looking at you?

A few years ago, Jason Huntley became suspicious when he noticed that TV commercials seemed to be especially tailored for him and his family.  With the use of a laptop, he discovered that there was an invisible bridge between his TV and his computer and that, unknown to him, data had been transferred from his home to the manufacturers of his TV, LG in South Korea.

Armchair travelling has reached a whole new dimension.

This phenomena is not just limited to LG.  Samsung and Vizio have been caught doing much the same.  And the ability to use TV & Co for espionage is so strong that Huawei has been banned in the US for fear that the Chinese will use this kind of technology for spying.

Are  you watching your TV or is your TV watching you?

Well this kind of spying could make some people happy.  For example, if you’re an exhibitionist anxious to do a striptease for an unknown Asian executive.  Or if you’re an unemployed actor anxious for an audience.

Standing in line just dying to watch you is Big Brother, metadata collectors, and hackers anxious to get your credit card number.

So dilemma of the moment:  What to wear this evening when I watch TV ?

She Danced for her TV



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2 Responses to Living in a world of voyeurs

  1. mont-ja says:

    Ohh… i know i know.. because you must smile all the time, you don’t know who can need your smile… mmmm if they look like spia our life maybe is because her life it’s grey and boring.

  2. so would you say that watching TV is a performance art? 🙂

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