The Aesthetics of Transformation

Yesterday I finished mending the awning for our terrace pergola. It was not an enjoyable task but the awning is fundamental as I spend much of the morning (or at least would like to) at my terrace work table and need protection from the sun.

Visible Mending

The awning is made of heavy fabric once used for balcony curtains meant for privacy as much as for décor.  Having been out in the sun for so long, the fabric deteriorated.  So once repurposed as awning, all it took was a gust of strong wind to rip it. I was forced to buy new fabric but still wanted to maintain the old—you know, sustainabilty and sentiment. But also because of the fabric’s orange stripes that filters the sun and gives everything a warm glow.  Somewhat like a fabric stained glass window.

Visible Mending

After patching the rips and attaching the old fabric with the new, the awning is now repaired boro style. Honor has been given to the old fabric that for so long acted as faithful curtains for our balcony protecting us from the sun and my neighbor’s curiosity.

Visible Mending

I want to make my life photogenic. And a needle and thread helps a lot.


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2 Responses to The Aesthetics of Transformation

  1. Martine says:

    This is wonderful, i love how you made your own fabric stained glass window……..

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