Happy Birthday!

Today is this blog’s 15th birthday!

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The Storyteller....
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10 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. Cristina Margarita says:

    Congratulations, I love your blog. Greetings from Guanajuato, México.

  2. Linda W, says:

    Happy birthday! I look forward to every post.

  3. pao says:

    Congratulations on an amazing 15 years!

  4. Belated congratulations for 15 years of success, art, humor and love!!! Your posts are always fun, interesting and help make us all better keepers of this home planet. (Sure hope that made sense – it did in my mind and heart ) Hugs and blessings to you! The photos of your patio are beautiful and inviting! Glad we are friends. Look forward to our next margarita. Love you, Debbie Francis

    • What a wonderful woman you are Debbie! Mille grazie for these lovely words that just gave my biorhythms a jumpstart. Thank you for your years of friendship and your ability to scatter petals of kindness wherever you go. Besitos!

  5. Natalie says:

    Cara Cynthia, don’t know why I always have trouble signing in to WordPress – tried leaving a comment but it vanished. Maybe lucky this time? Sorry for lateness but I so admire and appreciate your way of seeing the world and the wonderful work that emerges from your unique vision. Auguri, abrazos, much love .xxx

    • What a sweetheart! Mille grazie….yes, internet can be frustrating….I have a terrible connection this year on Paros and have had difficulty sending some messages. Do you have any plans on going back to Rome in the near future? Our last visit didn’t give us enough time to trade world view ideas. Besitos from far away….

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