Grow Your Own.

Volver the Cat and Wild Greens

Volver and Wild Greens

My dream was that of growing food on my terrace and always having something available to eat. I now realize that, under my present circumstances, my possibilities are limited—limited but not impossible. The easiest food source to grow here on Paros has been amaranth. Locally it’s referred to as “horta” a catch all term for greens. The horta is generally boiled then served with olive oil and lemon.

Amaranth greens are full of many phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. And in the fall the plant produces a grain that’s loaded with magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

This summer my garden is full of dandelions considered by many a weed. But dandelions are a great source of vitamin A, folate, vitamin K, raw vitamin C, calcium and potassium.

So this morning I harvested some amaranth and dandelion to accompany the fava I was making for lunch. A package of split fava costs c. E2.50. And what is not eaten today will be used tomorrow to make falafel. So, in two, we will eat three meals that are both nutritious and economical.

In Italy, it use to be common to “andare in camporella”, that is, to go to the countryside to forage for greens. It’s also an expression used for going to a secluded place with your girlfriend/boyfriend to kiss.

The world population continues to grow whereas the natural resources continue to diminish. This obviously will affect our food supply. So growing your own food (or at least a small part of it) will not only ensure quality food and a form of relaxation, it also provides a means to to reduce the environmental impact of food production.

Water wars and food wars will be coming soon.


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  1. CM says:

    We, here, in México, cook the amaranto stuffed with cheese and covered with beaten eggs and fried. I make a healthier version: boiled, sauted with chopped onions in olive oil in an omelete. Best regards.

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