The Front Porch

My Front Porch

This is our front porch. A few years ago, weather permitting, we started eating our meals here. And it changed our rapport with the neighbourhood. When neighbours walk by, we exchange greetings. A Kalimera here and a Kalimera there has created a stronger bond between us.

Our front porch helps us interrelate with the external world. Simply by using what we already have, the porch, we’ve expanded our possibilities of being part of the community. Mutual observation has kept us from seeing one another as strangers. We share a common sense of belonging—that with our neighbourhood.

If you want to change the world, a good place to start is on your own front porch.


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4 Responses to The Front Porch

  1. Lyn Shakespeare says:

    Bravo to you . Kalimera xxxx

  2. Cristina margarita says:


  3. Muchas gracias Cristina!

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