Paper is made from the pulp of fibers the most common being that of wood. In other words, much of the paper we use comes from trees. So while the Amazon forest is burning, I’m making picture frames from waste paper. Keeping my hands in motion keeps me from crying.

The paper I’m using comes from household trash such as the boxes for pasta, medication, and cookies. I also use flyers left on my front porch, old grocery lists, magazines, and whatever else is around. The technique is very easy. I cut everything into long strips then curl them into rounds and glue them into place. Motionless spirals. Then when I have a number of rounds, I glue them into place on a piece of cardboard where I’ve previously attached a drawing or painting. It is not difficult but it does take time. Generally I make these rounds while listening to music or watching a film.

The rounds I am currently making are for some Greek retablos on paper some time back. The idea of these retablos came from my Cardboard Retablos I did a number of years ago. Retablos are expressions of gratitude. Because if you’re lucky and don’t realize it, it’s like not being lucky at all.

First the paper is cut into strips, then, using a pencil or a souvlaki stick as a point of departure, I wrap the paper around itself and glue it into place.

Rounds for Retablos

Once I’ve made a number of rounds, I glue them onto the base made from a piece of cardboard re-enforced with papier-mâché.

Rounds for Retablos

Here is Volver, our cat, falling asleep on one of the retablos I’m working on. The sound of the cicadas seems to have hypnotized him!

Rounds for Retablos

This is a finished retablo. The rounds have been painted to keep from distracting too much from the image. The writing: ευχαριστω για τα αλοε βερα φυτα μου που κανουν μου απαλο και ετοιμο για χαδι should translate to say: “thanks for my aloe vera plants that make me soft and ready for caresses”. Unfortunately, I think “caresses” should have been written “χαϊδεύει”.

I dedicate this post to the Amazon Rainforest that has helped me breath for so many years.


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