Know Thyself


While standing in front of the mirror, who do I see? Sometimes it’s her, sometimes it’s me. This morning “Her” was staring at me. So I said “Boo!” and she said “Boo!”, too. That’s when BOOM! I realized, that she was actually me. Because there are two me’s—the one I use to be and the one I am now. Feeling out of sync, I decided to consult the Priestess Pythia and took a boat to Piraeus where I had a tough time getting a donkey to Delphi.

Know Thyself

Over the door of Delphi’s temple was the inscription “Know Thyself”. The line to get in was long but finally I got to meet with Pythia. She was sitting over a crack in a rock moaning and saying nonsensical phrases. Finally she looked at me and said: “Adapt and go on.”

Priestess Pythia

It seemed like too cryptic a response. But the last donkey back to Piraeus was about to leave and there was no time for questions. I had no choice but to leave and reflect on Pythia’s advice.

Donkey to Pireaus

Riding on a donkey while trying to reflect on existential problems is not an easy thing to do as the bumps are distracting. But, once home, I made a dedicated effort to figure out how to “Adapt and go on.”


(excerpt from “Cool Breeze, the Age of Reconfiguration” ©)

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