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Many years ago I participated in a Parian exhibition based on mythology. Using recycled materials, I made the above painting about Omphale and Hercules. The text is rewritten below: Ομφαλός. Hercules’ first home was his mother’s body. But once the … Continue reading

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Orangels have bellybuttons. That’s why they’re called “navel”. For the Greeks, Delphi was the center of the universe. To make it easily identifiable, Zeus place a geodetic mark there– a stone known as an omphalos. “Omphalos” in Greek means “navel”. … Continue reading

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Know Thyself

While standing in front of the mirror, who do I see? Sometimes it’s her, sometimes it’s me. This morning “Her” was staring at me. So I said “Boo!” and she said “Boo!”, too. That’s when BOOM! I realized, that she … Continue reading

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