A Bright Sunny Lockdown Day

Bonnie and Clyde

This morning we went out to get some sun (vitamin D!) and fresh air as well as to buy groceries. And of course, we went out well protected with his and hers protection masks Bonnie & Clyde style.

There were few people out and about 50% of them were wearing masks. The elderly were those most protected. The lines outside the grocery store were long but not because people were in a panic to buy food but because only so many people are allowed inside the store at a time and the waiting line is outside with people standing one meter apart from each other. Believe me, to see so many Romans patiently waiting in line is somewhat of a magical experience.


io resto a casa rules

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2 Responses to A Bright Sunny Lockdown Day

  1. Cristina Margarita Gomez Sarabia says:

    Dear Cynthia, I am sorry that you are in such a situation, eventhogh it won´t be long that we are going to be in the same situation. Hope you both stay well. Take care. Besos.

  2. Cara Cristina, thank you for your thoughts. Unfortunately, you’re right–now the coronavirus is officially a pandemic. Please struggle to keep your immune in shape…the virus is vicious with the weak. Tanti baci da Roma

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