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Janet & the Frog Fountain

My friend Janet, artist, world traveller, and age defier was in Rome not long ago. We had coffee at a bar on Regina Margherita before heading towards the whimsical and esoteric neighbourhood of Coppedé. Mystical & magical it is often included in the … Continue reading

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Brio and Bon Ton

It was late November and, animated by the chill, I went to see the exhibition of Käthe Kollwitz’ etchings at the Obelisco in via Sistina. How the walls of the gallery could hold up so much pain I don’t know. … Continue reading

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The Apostle Paul

‘Ottobrate Romane’, October in Rome when the light has a special magic and seems to give everything an orange glow. But not at Piazza del Popolo. One of Rome’s largest squares, Piazza del Popolo is vast and grey.  The most … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle on my Balcony

Years ago while walking on a goat path on the island of Amorgos, my nose abruptly told me to stop–it was the smell of honeysuckle. A smell that had been absent from my life for so long suddenly resurfaced and … Continue reading

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Roman Aesthetics

The Italian government is giving fiscal incentives for the ecological amelioration of buildings. Anxious to take advantage of the bonus, now Rome is full of condominiums covered in scaffolding such as the building across the street from where I live. The … Continue reading

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