Touching in the time of epidemics

noli me tangere

After his resurrection, Jesus encounters Mary Magdalene. She runs to embrace him but Jesus stops her. Noli me tangere he says. Don’t touch me! (John 20:21). Scholars have much debated as to why this was said. One theory is that Jesus, ready to ascend into heaven, was in the middle of having his physical body being transformed into spirit and being touched would have interrupted the process—somewhat like teleportation when matter is being dematerialized so that it can be transferred from one place to another.

Not being touched is a form of sensory deprivation. Any book on child psychology will tell you that development is enhanced by physical affection. Unfortunately, the elderly are those who receive the least amount of touching often causing them to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Because who doesn’t need a hug sometimes?

Italians like physical contact. It’s the norm to kiss the cheeks of friends as a form of greeting. But, thanks to the coronavirus, that’s no longer possible. Now, not only is physical contact prohibited, you have to stay at least a meter away from others. Maybe this lack of touch can be sustained for a while but I wonder what the psychological consequences will be on a long term basis.

The good news as of March 11th: 1. There are no new cases of coronavirus in Codogno where all this telenovela got started 2. Because of the effects the virus is having on the economy, you can ask for suspension of tax and mortgage payments as well as some utility bills 3. Giorgio Armani not only closes his shops as a means of protecting his employees, he’s also donated €1.25 Million to coronavirus efforts

(Living the Lockdown)

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  1. Your art, as always is both beautiful and thought provoking.
    Much love from Canada,

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