Day 13 of the Lockdown

Right before midnight last night, Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced that all of the country’s production companies will close until April 3rd. This decision came a bit late. Despite the high number of deaths in the Bergamo-Brescia area, many factories and construction sites there were still active. Why? It is useless for the government to bombard us with “stay at home” commercials if they permit companies to force workers out of the house.

And, in Milano, subway service has been greatly reduced yet the metros are elbow to elbow full. The people commuting are, for the most part, workers.

Yesterday the death toll was the highest—793 in one day. However, please take in mind that these people were already infected. The problem is that the number of newly infected increases as well.

And the European community is manifesting its weaknesses. China sent emergency supplies to Italy but the airplane landed in the Czech Republic (to refuel?) and all the supplies (680 thousand masks and thousands of respirators) were confiscated by the Czechs and distributed to their own hospitals. Outrageous theft. “Repubblica Ceca e Polonia si sono intascati aiuti destinati all’Italia tra cui mascherine”

On the Road

Today’s topic is not very glamourous. Today’s topic is bowels. If you don’t move, they won’t either. And that’s another side effect of being shut inside. So, for those of you worried about not having enough sanitary paper, maybe things aren’t as bad as you thought.

Before the lockdown, I walked at least 30 minutes every morning (well, almost every morning). It was my main source of exercise. But with the lockdown, walks are no longer possible. And this lack of movement is having its consequences. Lack of movement not only leads to constipation, it also deprives one of releasing some of the anxiety created by having to stay inside all the time. The idea of exercising at home is not very exciting but I am trying to come up with some solutions. One new habit is that of doing stretching every morning while the coffee is brewing. Another habit I’m trying to create is that of doing Zumba (Zydeco style) every evening. But I don’t have much space and have to limit my enthusiasm so I won’t disturb the elderly lady who lives downstairs from us.

The way I’d like to be doing the Zydeco Dance

The way I’m better suited for.



The apanasana yoga pose helps reduce anxiety thus blood pressure as well.

As for sanitary paper, I would suggest, before lockdown comes your way, to transform your toilet into a bidet (see video below).  It will save you the stress of worrying about having enough paper. Also, if you use other kinds of paper, you are going to block up the sewer and then you really will have problems!

see jane drill

Instead of buying toilet paper, why not buy a DIY bidet kit? VIDEO

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11 Responses to Day 13 of the Lockdown


    This is well written…

  2. Informative and helpful, as always. Thanks for the instructions on the bidet kit. The instructions might be more useful than we want them to be.

  3. Cristina Margarita says:

    Hi Cynthia, I still can´t believe that this is happening. Sadly, workers are the ones who will suffer more physically and economically. Thanks for the instructions on the bidet kit. We can also do as indians do. I would like to share a picture of one of my home experiments with light. You have my email, please send me one and will reply with the picture, if possible. Take care.

  4. Cristina Margarita says:

    sent it.

  5. Good links!

    I just bought a bidet bottle, the kind I had after giving birth.

    I thought about installing what I know as a diaper sprayer but cold water sounds painful. I live on the Canadian Prairies and it’s still winter here. The water in the pipes is COLD! so filling up a bidet bottle will do the trick if need be.

    Other then that I am organizing my craft stash, knitting socks, reading a lot and doing gentle yoga.

    Honestly, I feel that, as an introvert, I have been training for this for my whole life.

    Stay safe dear and please keep writing!

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