Viva la nonna

Adesso Pedala

In Italian, there’s an expression “Hai voluto la bicicletta, pedala” (you wanted a bike, so pedal). Simply put, accept the aftermath of your actions.

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of dudes hyped up on globalization because they thought that, by having a bigger market, they’d have a fatter wallet. But they didn’t consider possible consequences. Like that of  burdening the world with a pandemic.

Alma Clara Corsini

Alma Clara Corsini is a 95 year old grandmother. On March 5, she was admitted to the hospital of Pavullo in northern Italy as she was infected with the coronavirus. But, to the joy of all Italians, she’s recovered. SOURCE

At the same time Alma was praising the medical staff that cured her, Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, was saying that grandparents were willing to die to save the economy. (I, personally, would like to know how many grandparents he polled to come up with that declaration.) As with Trump, Patrick is worried that taking preventive measures against the coronavirus will hurt the US economy. And, as the elderly are more susceptible, they should be sacrificed so they won’t burden the system. I wonder if he was referring to Trump who is a 73 year old grandfather with underlying health issues. SOURCE

There reason why this pandemic is hitting so hard is because of budget cuts and an irresponsible reaction to the coronavirus outbreak from the beginning. Instead of considering Napoleon’s battlefield triage methods, heads of state should, as my mother would say, jack up their backbones and affront the problem. That’s what leaders are supposed to do.

Suggesting that the elderly should be the first to go is a form of discrimination thus anti-American. How can equality exist if one person’s life is given more value than another’s. (Please take a look at the Declaration of Independence where it says “All men are created equal.”)

And please, stop faking to be a Christian. If you share Patrick’s idea, then you’ve flunked Bible school. Remember that commandment, the one about honouring your father and mother? It says honor your father and mother. Period. It doesn’t say to honor them save when you fear your losing money in the stock market. (Exodus 20:1–21)

And why aren’t the pro-lifers protesting Patrick? If a woman gets an abortion because she can’t afford to raise a child, that’s a sin. But to hell with saving granny if it means losing money.

Dan Patrick & Co. should take time out from looking at stock market graphs to read up on “The Grandmother Hypothesis.” Then they would know that grandmothers helped societies evolve. As the lifespan extended, post-menopause women could stay  home to take care of the children as younger women went to forage for food and do other chores that the community depended upon (and this was a big boost for the economy). Plus grandmothers had a wisdom that could only come with age. Eliminating many of the trials and tribulations needed for acquiring knowledge, this wisdom helped the community survive.

Moral of the story: we need more grandmothers and fewer politicians.


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* Unfortunately, I can’t give credits for Alma’s photo…it was published everywhere but without a name. I excuse myself with the photographer.

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5 Responses to Viva la nonna

  1. Your posts are thoughtful and brilliant. I’m so glad I happened upon your blog.

    I’m a 68 year old grandmother of 9 in the US. I have no intention of sacrificing myself for the economy. This is a sad time in American history with the likes of Trump and Patrick in charge. We need wise leaders at this trying time, not thoughtless and dangerous buffoons

    Mary Ann

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    • Thank you! 9 grandkids–wow! They need you more than they need the stock market….we as a society have gotten so far away from our inner selves to pursue something that only hurts us….we need more women leaders who are not trying to copy the male way of doing things. We need to respect our biology. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Rosa Vito says:

    Viva La Nonna indeed! Dan Patrick may be the biggest jackass in Texas politics, and that’s saying a mouthful.

  3. “We need more grandmothers and fewer politicians” is the sentence the world needs right now.

    In all honesty, I would sacrifice myself for a child but for an economy? It is a deeply dystopian thought.

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